I am just beginning to work on one of the first songs I have ever really sat down and am attempting to fully compose in sheet music and tablature. Most of my other songs have just been guessing games when it comes to recording them, with no real structure or riffs (except ones made up on the spot). With that said, I have the intro and the first two verses composed (rhythmically and some riffs). It is at 90bpm at the moment, so that may annoy some people. It has piano, violin, chiors, synths, and an electric guitar.

I am looking for some general feedback. I also would like your feelings regarding the guitar tone, as this is my first time recording my electric guitar due to my ****ty recording gear for recording a distorted guitar. All of the other instruments are composed in powertab, exported as midi files, and I use VST's to make them sound pretty decent.

Also, I am looking for a vocalist and a drummer to potentially assist with this. Maybe even a guitarist if my tone is...undesirable. This would inevitably be in the future, but I figured I would start looking. The lyrics are in the lyrics tab under the song.

Thanks! As usual, I will comment something of yours if you give me some quality feedback.

The song is in my profile titled "Summerland"!
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Very cool. Not sure it's any more classical or death metal than something else as is. But maybe the next part will "bring the thunder".

Sounds promising, but when the guitar comes in it sounds off to me. I'm thinking it's one of two things:

1) It's just that you're not playing in time. Or...
2) Sometimes with soundcards on a computer multiple audio tracks recorded in sync can come out of sync. There's things you can do to correct them, I've done it before, but it was years ago and I don't remember specifics.

    Were you using a metronome in your recording program? If not then you should, I think that's why the guitar sounds off. If your recording program doesn't have metronome then just make a simple drumbeat in GP5 and import it, then delete it when you're done.

    Other than that, it's awesome man. And you can always bump the tempo up to 180 for when the heaviness comes in and it won't make a difference to the intro.

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    Quote by naedauuf
    I'm in need of a guy
    Sweet, thanks for the comments guys. I only had the opportunity to do the guitar part in one try, so that is why it is off (despite using a metranome). Thanks for the tempo advice as well, I want to up it but wasn't sure to what. I will critique both of yours shortly.
    Check out Hear the Indie for music reviews, interviews, and more.

    Want a review? Send me a PM or email through the contact form on my site.
    Hey man, great job on this- I really like all your work with the VST's. There's a lot of cool sounds in here, and the synth and the piano sound particularly good. The song definitely has a distinct feel to it, good job getting that through.

    The guitar tone I think could be more full. If you could add some midbass to it I think it would give it more punch. One thing I like to do is make multiple tracks of the same guitar line, and offset them by a very short amount. It layers everything up and yields a beefy tone.

    Either way great start, the intro is awesome and I think this track has a lot of potential!