I bought a Jackson Kelly KE-3 in Black with a Floyd Rose a month ago, i didnt think it through and it turns out the guitar doesnt suit my playing styles at all (i play blues, blues rock and classic rock but sometimes go through metal phases) anyway, i would be glad to swap for a fender mexican HSS stratocaster.
I would also be willing to sell the guitar, but for 420 pounds (GBP).
I bought this guitar for 450 pounds and as i said i have had it for only a month, its a fine axe for metal, but i wouldnt reccomend it for anything much softer. I havnt modded it at all, its completely original and how it was when it was in the shop. I have replaced the strings only once and the floyd rose and locking tuners are all good.
PM me if your interested or want pics.
Also this guitar hasnt been played alot, ive been playing my accoustic mainly lately.

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/revi...kson/ke3_kelly/ these are the reviews for the guitar.

http://www.jacksonguitars.com/produ...duct=2912000803 this is its page on the jackson website.

Also i live in Kent in England.
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