im looking at getting an epiphone les paul (dont have the budget for a gibson, even the studios)
ive been looking at the les paul ultra II's, and they get reeeeeally good reviews, but they are a lot more expensive than the les paul standards
do i get a standard or splurge the extra money for an ultra II????

any constructive advice will be helpful!

btw, im looking for it to play a bit of everything on, from metal to classic rock to ska (part of the reason im looking at les pauls, apart from being sexy as, they are very versatile)

You should look into agile if you live in the US. They play better than most Epiphones and cost less.
how much cash do you have? if you're very lucky, you could maybe pick up a japanese-made tokai for not much more than the epiphone- assuming your budget is a little flexible. if you're willing to go second-hand, you should easily be able to pick one up for less than the epi, but be aware that you have to be careful with tokais as it's not always too obvious which model is which (and not all are japanese-made). EDIT: oh yeah, an MIJ tokai will utterly annihilate a non-elitist (or non-MIJ) Epiphone.
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