Can anybody give me some information on Dumble amps?? i've heard little about them, but it is intriguing anybody know much about them?
Ridiculously expensive, they sound very good. You'll never get your hands on a real one. They have been cloned to hell and back.
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Yes, they are awesome and extremely hard to get ahold of. Since they are all handmade, there aren't very many out there, so the ones that to become available usually run pretty high. (There's a dumble on eBay right now for $25,000.)

For more information, jump over to wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dumble_Amplifiers
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I should mention, the reason they're expensive is because the guy who made them is dead and he didn't make a lot of them.

Edit: Actually, nevermind, it's Ken fischer maker of trainwreck amps who died.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
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Well I hear there are only about 300 around. Alex (I think) Dumble is the maker who is a rather portly man with some tough contracts to those interested in buying. The cost is incredibly expensive, and apparently you do not get your product any time son after ordering.

There are many different models. There are also many Dumble clones out there that sound practically exactly the same, but cost thousands less. The circuitry of the amps is little known, Dumble likes to keep it a secret, otherwise people could make there own clones for 10000 less :P.

Artists that have used Dumbles are Eric Johnson( My favorite), and SRV. Johnson stopped the use of his after a power supply failure in the early 90's I believe.

The Dumble Amplifier entices me as well and unfortunately there is not as much information around as many may think.
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haha actually a couple of websites combines .
Youtube, Wikipedia, and Google do wonders
and believe it or not there was no copy paste involved today
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There are estimated to be somewhere around 180 Dumble Overdrive Special's in existence, and somewhere around 300 total amplifiers built. Users of the ODS include John Mayer, Robben Ford, and Carlos Santana. Stevie Ray Vaughn used a different Dumble, called the Steel String Slinger.

There are many Dumble based amps and flat out clones available. Two Rock, Fuchs, and Ceriatone have offerings available.
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