Hey, this is my first thread in the A&C forum, so hello all.

I've been playin' electric guitar for nearly 4 years now.

While I have been building callouses, they form very slowly, and since my job involves getting my hands all wet and soapy, they seem to vanish.

I've been lookin' at getting an acoustic, anyways... do any of you acoustic players think I could form callouses quicker or make them tougher if I divided my time between acoustic and electric.

Any input is appreciated.

Yep. That's why most times it's recommended that you start on an acoustic. It also better builds finger stregth.
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Your callouses will be stronger if you play acoustic pretty frequently because the strings are thicker and harder to fret. But getting your hands wet WILL destroy them no matter how strong they are. Can you wear rubber gloves for your job so your hands don't get wet? That's what I started doing when I wash dishes.
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I might start wearing them, it's just weird when I put them on and the water gets in the gloves anyways... I will try... I bet that's why I have less finger strength.
shred guitar and blues and stuff with a lot of bends will get you stronger callouses quick, if you're into that
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Yeah, I kind like shred, well... EJ style, that sort of stuff, not really metal shred.

As for the blues, I enjoy them quite a bit.

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