If I soldered a resistor an a wire between a single coil and a 5-way selector; could I get a "channel changer" from that?

I mean as if I'm playing on an overdrive channel and want to go to clean I would just have to flick the selector to the pickup?
I can get a clean sound if I turn the volume down to somewhere between 0 and 1; but it'd be nice to do it by just flicking the selector.

Would it work? 'cause in my head it should; but I'm not educated within electronics.

And if it'd work; how strong would the resistor have to be?

here's the inside of it; the blue coming from the singlecoil.
You like it
do you think you could be more specific than "Don't go higher than 33k."?
If possible..
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well, okay then. as I said; my electric knowledges are VERY basic.

but thanks
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You may find this more useful on a push-pull pot than permanently on your pup, that way you can switch between the normal and volume cut.. Look at the red link in my sig to learn more about this stuff.