So I finally settled on an amp: a used Fender 1959 Bassman Reissue for $500. It's got wear on the tweed but it's recently serviced with new tubes (shop warranty included!).

I had the chance to play it yesterday and it sounds mmmmaarrrvelous. I cranked it (w/earplugs!) and the sound is just awesome for classic rock and blues. I stuck an overdrive in front of it and it handled it really really well. The only thing I wish it had was reverb, but honestly that's not too big of a deal because the natural tone is so damn rich it doesn't matter.

Maybe the transparency will make me play better, too?

Anyways, I'M HAPPY AS HELL and will report a full review once I've had it for a while and the honeymoon period wears off. I figure I'll try it with tele/strat/les paul and see how it takes pedals.

Anything else people want to know about it?
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Knob. I personally prefer blackface and silverface to tweed, but still...enjoy it, and if you fall out of love you know who to PM first.
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That's a pretty good deal on a '59 RI. Great amp at a great price.
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nice deal, i was never a fan of any of the fender reissues, but they are certainly good amps and thats a great deal on it. i would love to hear clips.

the those reissue bassmans sound great with a good od infront of them, OCDs especially.
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HA @ me

The honeymoon was very, very short.

I was playing just a little while ago when the volume started fading in and out, so it does appear the (supposedly) brand new tubes that are (supposedly) under warranty are going to need replacement. I called the original owner and he said he'd either cover replacement tubes or just give me my money back.

I'm disappointed, but in another way I'm ecstatic that this happened when it did. If the waited a few weeks before dieing, I wouldn't have any credibility going back to the guy asking him to cover new ones.

Any tube suggestions? BTW I'm new to tubes... If someone could spell it out for me or direct me to an appropriate thread I'd appreciate it. Next for me... Search!
Want: EH Deluxe Memory Man, Warmoth Strat, Budda Superdrive 45