...and I'm not sure what to expect.

How hard is it gonna be pit? I can learn pretty quickly, and can adapt to my surroundings in a short amount of time, but I'm not sure how intense the in-classes will be.

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Chill out it's easy.
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it's boring, but easy. enjoy
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Its gonna be SO ****ING INTENSE, MAN. You're gonna be driving and doing the SPEED limit, which is like, faster than all those ****ing HOMELESS PEOPLE ON BICYCLES you will pass. And you'll be hitting the BREAKS AND ****, and TURNING. Checking MIRRORS and ****.

It's ****ing intense, man.

Seriously, come on. It's drivers ed.
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driver's ed is the most boring class ever. be prepared to do some sleep fighting.
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nexteyenate you win
When your instructor takes you to go practice driving, watch out for those pesky pedestrians.

Most of the class is common sense though, you should be fine
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kinda like paris hilton, really easy and gets boring really fast
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Easiest thing ever. They don't care. Just enjoy the ****ing around.
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touche sir.
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Think of some of the retards you know that drive. Yeah, that easy.

it's so hard you'll fall asleep every class and still get perfect on all the tests.