Before i get slaughtered in the guitar forum,.. i just want to see if accoustic guitar players agree with me that learning on an accoustic guitar is a lot harder than on electric but in turn makes the 'learner' a better guitarist alround.

Thats the path i took and compared to an electric mate of mine who sucks on accoustic it only goes to prove what i said above.
both acoustic and electric have different techniques that suit each style better(but can be done on any by a good player) , but i do agree with you, one reason would be acoustic strings are harder and you need more power to hold a barre chord, so making it easy when you pick up an electric
I started with electric, and didn't play acoustic for two years. When I did, it was very simple and I've been writing songs on it for over a year now. It may be harder to begin on an acoustic, but that in no way means that someone who begins on an electric is worse on acoustic.

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I am not refering to electric to acoustic players as worse. More the fact getting confirmed (if it is the general opinion) that it is harder to start learning on an accoustic.
I started on acoustic as well. Learning on acoustic REALLY shows all the flaws in your playing because there's no distortion or effects to cover them up.

One of the toughest things to learn when beginning guitar is how to play barre chords, and I think most people would agree that they are at least a tad harder to play on an acoustic because of the added tension. Thus, once you pick up an electric for the first time they'll probably be cake.

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Acoustic is physically harder, because of the higher string tension.

But if you learned on say, a strat with 13's, then it wouldn't make much of a difference.
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