Hey uh...I cant seem to get the harmonic sound and i've been trying where to pick it and tap with your thumb etc. (Cant go into too much detail) if you could tell me tips that would be great thx!!
Pinch harmonics? Practice.


Then more practice.

Pick, and follow through with your thumb, in one sharp attacking motion. May help to grip the pick pretty low down.
Use your bridge pickup, and some distortion. Then work out where the harmonics are by playing them as natural harmonics - pick the string normally, but with your fretting finger lightly touching the string. Gradually move it up towards the bridge and keep picking til you know where the harmonics are. Then sort out your grip on your pick so you can follow the pick up with the edge of your thumb, and practice, practice, practice You need to dig in a bit with the pick, but you barely need to touch the string with your thumb. Practice on open strings at first, then when you get the feel of it try pinches on fretted notes - cos the 'sweet' spot will vary slightly depending on which note you're fretting, and when you're getting the technique down you don't need to be chasing the harmonic up and down the string
grip your pick to where the tip of your pick is just sticking out.u probably should have lots of distortion if your just starting to do pinch harmonics even though it is possible and easy to do on the mildest of guitars once you get it down.u may also want to start trying to do natural harmonics.
search "Zakk Wylde Lesson" on you tube. chances are he'll be doing pinch harmonics 98% of the time.
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I actually used to practice pinch harmonics completely unplugged. I could barely hear them but it didn't matter. Then when I turned on distortion they sounded a lot better. It sounds stupid but its something to try.

Overall, just don't try too hard. The difference between a regular pickstroke and a pinch harmonic is very discreet. Also, it is easier to play it at positions such as the 5th or 7th frets of the G and B strings (at least for me). Don't try to do them on the low E string (like they do in those heavy metal breakdowns) until you have mastered them on higher strings.

Hope this advice helps!
For pinch harmonics, all you can really do is practice. You never get it the first time unless you're soaked in distortion
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Harmonics are easy. Play your finger lightly over a fret, pick the string, then take your finger off. Works well at the 12th, 5th and 7th frets.
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have some high gain distortion, bridge pickup, tone wide open.

try to play it around the 6th or 7th fret on the G, B and D string, those seem pretty easy to me.
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