I want to advance to a better multi effects pedal that is more versatile than my current zoom g1 but im stuck at what to buy. I have about £150-£200 to spend on one and ive been looking at bosses and korgs up to know but does any one have any other ideas or a good pedal that they could suggest in this price range.

I would prefer it to have:
A expression pedal
Programable effects that can be changed quickly with no delay in between
Good distortion because its the main thing i use

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It's below your price range but the Korg AX3000g is good, I have one and love it. Vox make good ones too.

Maybe you'd be better off getting compact/duo pedals instead and getting what you really need.
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A BOSS Me-20 50 or 80 maybe?
I have the 50, but I dont think it has 'Equalisation' on it. Its got the rest though
Why not keep the multi effects you have and spend 150-200 on a couple of good analog distortions or overdrive pedals? The digital effects on your zoom would sound a lot better combined with some decent distortions which that pedal will not give you - because (don't take this the wrong way) the digital distortions on those zoom things is bloody horrible. Just a thought.
no do not get a digitech RP...unless you dont mind it sounding like total **** and dying on you

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Plus with individual stomp boxes you can dial in completely custom tones as opposed to the presets that you zoom has.
The Digitech RP200 series are great pedals, as is the 350. All I use and they can take a beating (beer spilled on them, chicks walking on them, etc.).
go with the RP500, about $300 brand new and are alot better than the boss models and the earlier RP models
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Thanks for a ll your help and i would rather a multi pedal than stomp boxes as i need to have something portable and easy were as they make it even more complacated and then i need a pedal board and so on. I looked at that korg Ag3000g and i might take this into consideration. It looks very proffesional and i have looked at the sounds on youtube and it seems amazing. If anyone knows anymore about these can you eaither post it here or email me on a private message. Thanks again

Vintage les paul

Gone digital! NI audio 8 into guitar rig and ableton live!

If it's all you'll be using, then get a Magicstomp. They're discontinued, so you'll have to hunt one down or get it off ebay, but they're really great on their own, and extremely versatile.
No expression pedal on the Magicstomp. Although they are good. I have two of them.