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You guys have any songs you listen to that don't fit in the genre of music you listen to/play?

i have a bunch:
Boys of Summer by Don Henley
Got Money by Lil Wayne and T-Pain
Anything by Daughtry
Somewhere Out There by Our Lady Peace
This Town by OAR
Anything from Frampton Comes Alive
I don't have a main genre. /thread.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Fuck tha Police!
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand
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Don't Stop Believin - Journey

oh, common that doesn't count!
Everyone likes that song!
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I don't have a main genre. /thread.

This, but to humor you, i'll go with.....Britney Spears - Oops, i did it again.
Sail upon the open skies
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I don't have a main genre. /thread.

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of course, we start talking about pizza, and end talking about putting our dicks in various objects, god bless the pit

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I fapped over Louis Walsh.

Metal sucks
im not okay
welcome to the black parade
i write sins not tragedies
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I wish I had an extra sensitive third nipple, and a girl who was into that sort of thing.

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In Russia, Winter Cold + Vodka + Big-Chested Women = No problem.

Book of shadows 2?
I guess that the stuff I tend to write is acoustic/folkish which would make that my genre.
I'll go with anything by Run DMC or N.W.A. I enjoy both although I rarely listen to either of em.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
living on a prayer- Bon Jovi
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you
We Used to be Friends - The Dandy Warhols.
The DNA results show that Jeremy Kyle is a nob.

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I want to look at your sexual naked body.
You're my Mate by Right Said Fred
PRS SE Singlecut, blue with stoptail (my baby)
Line 6 Spider III 75 (shut up)
Epiphone Les Paul standard
Cheapo Yamaha nylon string
even more cheapo Fender steel string acoustic
toxic - britney spears
I love my keyboardist, he's hot.

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The Pit is the epitome of higher learning and full of intillectual people who help the masses solve their problems.

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Ante Up by M.O.P.

Really fun when it's got censoring.
Quite likes Corrine Bailey Rae's new album Don't hurt me.
my main genre is metal, but i love loadsa Cypress Hill, NWA, Wu-Tang Clan, Prodigy, Coheed & Cambria, Enter Shikari, HIM, Puddle Of Mudd, Rage Against The Machine, Seether, Sum 41, Andy McKee, Bob Marley, etc.
I Cum Blood

No, I'm being serious.
#57 in UG Top 100 2010!

I really ought to get my username changed...
Now to sound like a total tool:

"I usually main Melodic Technical Symphonic Speed Metal, but sometimes I like to listen soft rock like Coldplay but not always. Only on Wednesdays at 3:45pm. Then I switch back to Meshuggah to remain brutal."
My musical taste for the most part doesn't include any kind of "indie" music whatsoever, but I have recently been enthralled by the song Kids by MGMT. I haven't the first idea why but I can't get it out of my head this week.
Coward of the County - Kenny Rogers
My Funny Valentine - Stan Getz
Quiet Life - Ray Davies (from the movie Absolute Beginners)
The Heart Asks for Pleasure First - Michael Nyman
Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
Many classic 90's hits

That's all I got. =/
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Vagina's tend to be not all that great looking most of the time. It's all... flappy. Looks sloppy.

I'd have to say guy junk wins but not by much. It's like winning a beauty contest against Steve Buscemi.
i generally listen to symphonic metal to alternative rock, other artists are katy perry, stevie wonder, queen etc.
Thinking of You-Katy Perry
Pokerface-Lady Gaga
Swagga Like Us-T.I.
White Horse-Taylor Swift
All sorts of funk songs..there's too many to list 'em all. :]

She dreams in color, she dreams in red.

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A guy put a dildo on his head and shouted look i'm a unicorn.

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Patrick was so slang, but Squidward was a boob waffle.
I mainly listen to stuff like Opeth, Dream Theater, NIghtwish, etc. But I like songs like Sober by Pink and a few Katie Perry songs, despite the fact that I hate pretty much everything else on the radio.

It was the only task I would undertake...

I P R O G reap the harvest that was mine

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Ante Up by M.O.P.

Really fun when it's got censoring.

LOVE that song!
Alligator Brain by Ten Hands, This is just a small Texas band that my band teacher used to drum in.
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