Im trying to take out all of the hardware (pickups, pridge, etc) and i have a guitar with a pickguard. Im trying to remove the pickups and pickguard with all the wires attached. Is it possible to take off all the wires (including the amp input) with the pickguard or do i ahve to remove the wires and solder them back on?
Depends on the type of guitar, damien. If it's a Strat you need to unsolder the jack lead and ground and the ground from the trem claw.

Also keep in mind that it takes a powerful solder iron to generate enough heat to melt the solder on a large piece of metal like a trem claw or volume/tone pot. Anything less that 40watts is going to be difficult.
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you'll normally have to remove some of the wires as they will be routed through the guitar (eg to your pickups), but most of the wires you'll be able to leave in place. the ones you need to remove just use the soldering iron to melt the solder, and mark up which goes where as you remove them
also- what do i do with the wire attached to the springs in the tremolo bridge?
i own an ibanez grg20. The jack is on the bottom of the guitar near the strap button (not strat style)
Just remove those 3 and you should be free. Both jack wires (at the jack so the wires stay with the guard) and the wire connected to the trem claw(also at the claw so the wire comes out with the guard)