I have two Duncan Designed humbuckers in my guitar right now and am thinking about switching them out for some Dimarzios, I'm thinkin about Blaze or D-sonics. I've noticed these pickups are around $100 each, so here is my question, are these things going to blow my mind?? I'm fairly new with this stuff and have never had "big name" pickups like this before. Are they really worth the switch?
No, they won't. Pickups don't make a huge difference on your tone. You'll notice a bigger difference if you have an articulate amp. You may not notice a difference at all through a modeling amp or a cheap ss starter amp.
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i agree with the guy above certen pickups will make a huge sound change the i have a guitar with emg hz's passive and it sounds amazing and i have a guitar with a dimebucker and theres a huge difference now you might need a good amp to really tell...what kinda sound are you going for????
If you want a more drastic change in tone, get a new amp, or even a new speaker for the amp you have now.
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i concur with 'new amp' suggestions, nothing will change your tone like a new box of sound!! even when i switched from a mediocre SS practice amp to a good quality modeler (Vox), the increase in sound quality was hugely noticeable!!!
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I'll agree with the new amp suggestion to a point. I have personal experience with the particular matter you're debating over. Once upon a time I owned an Ibanez SZ520. The stock pickups were lifeless and had no character whatsoever. I've since had a revelation no longer use active pickups, but at the time I thought that an EMG 81 was God's gift to the musical world (don't get me wrong, they have their place, just not in any of my guitars lol). So I threw one into my Ibanez and poof! New tone! No, it wasn't night and day, but anyone with hearing could have easily discerned the higher quality of the EMG over the stock, crappy pickup. Of course, if you're playing with enough distortion to kill small animals you won't hear a difference anyway. But hey, that's just my opinion.
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thats the thing.. its irritating once someone has bad tone the first thing they blame is the pickups. they'll go, "damn my distortion aint killer enough, must be these stinking lousy pickups. i need dimarzios" then they dont realise they are playing through a 6.5" speaker 10w solid state crap.

that aside, if u must insist on getting pickups,

check out:
stan hinesley pickups

they are freaking cheap for superb boutique quality. i'm getting myself the kashmirs
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OK: amp? What don't you like about your tone now? what do you want to play? Judging by your choices, I'd say metal of some sort. Would I be correct?
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FIRST you need a good amp. Then after you have that, changing out pickups in your guitar (especially putting in dimarzios) can drastically improve your tone. Obviously an amp will cause more of a change but for like 150 dollars youll get a huge gain in tone. You cant really beat that. Stock pickups tend to be extremely weak so putting in better ones will just make everything sound cleaner in general. I would say change em out if your happy with your amp, you wont regret it.
I recently got a new amp, Randall RG50TC and my tone has improved tenfold, I was just wondering if the pickups would do even more for me. I play mainly metal like megadeth and bodom and in time, shred
Okay, so you have a nice enough amp but need more from the pups. EMG's aren't quite a one-trick pony but close. You have to work at them EQ wise to get anything good other than metal sounds.
High rated passives will really do more for your tone and clarity than actives and are a fair bit cheaper. My Yammy has Bill Lawrence at the Bridge and an old DiMarzio at the neck and it has great versatility without compromising on pure crunch for metal. The Lawrence is just so LOUD, it almost matches the actives.
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