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Solo starts 1:45ish . Not my usual thing but thought I'd give it a try.

Be brutal.
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-The strumming pattern seems a bit erratic in the beginning, but sets the mood well enough. Nice choice of chords.
-Your voice is damn good, man. I love it when the vocal harmonies come in.
-The drumming fits, and is not overpowering.
-Good song so far, melancholy, dark sort of feel. When that tremelo bit comes in, it's very good. I dig it and.... HOLY ****. That solo is beautiful, soulful, and your tone is impeccable. I also like that you played some of the parts a little less than perfectly clean, it really gives it an organic sort of feel.

Amazing. Just. Amazing.

Lol. My piece is hardly on your level, but eh, it does exist for the sole purpose of the lulz.
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Normally I don't like this stuff, but it's nice. Gotta say, the strum pattern as mentioned has me very suspenseful. Definitely in a good way.

I never thought tremolo could be used so effectively either!

Solo didn't do much for me at the start, needs a bit more badassery. Towards the end (pretty much second half) I liked it more.

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