I know theres probably a few million old posts on this topic but I wanna know what's the most realistic sounding FREE software I could get?
Umm... Google Drum Sounds, and copy and paste them together?

EDIT:You wont get anything decent, or at least crappy for free. If you are going to pay, get EZDrummer.
..I was watching my death.
I dont know of any good sounding free drum VSTi...

It would be best to simply spend some cash on a piece of software like BFD2 or Superior Drummer 2.0. I just got 2.0 and am very happy with the sound. Well worth the cash.
My Drumset is the only decent thing I've heard when it comes to free stuff but it can't hold a candle to EZ Drummer, BFD or Addictive Drums. Even Digidesign's Strike is pretty darn good.
umm, Illegal Downloading? But that's for fags with no money...

Det a DAW and google drum kit sounds, and copy and paste them side by side how you want it. I believe CubaseAI4 has a drum feature in it, I saw it somewhere, but couldn't find it again in the program. Probably was a crazy dream...
..I was watching my death.
EZ Drummer is going to be your best bet, and it runs about $150. Just save the cash.
Either way, I think, this is an option for your DAW that you're gonna have to pay for.
Unless you have a MIDI controller, and can download some soundfonts to use with the controller.
Check out KVR's website for info and suggestions, also:
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