hey guys, i have been playing around with finger picking for a while now and have learned 3 songs of that style (staind:zoe jane, beattles:blackbird, and queensryche:silent lucidity all great starting points for this style). i've also been working on a bit of song writing whit this style and have fallen in love with it, its far too under rated i think. do yall have any suggestions for tabs or chords to help me hone this skill a little bit more?
thanks guys.
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learn classical gas.

when i had to audition with classical guitar for the music department i did that song. its not to hard, i bought my first classical and became proficient at it in less than a week, and it sounds really sweet.
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On youtube, type peacejoytown on the search bar, he does tons of beatles fingerpicking covers, if you ask him, he'll give you the tabs.

EDIT: Oops. Guess he doesn't do that anymore.
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likewise i have fallen in love with finger picking. some that i play that havent been mentioned yet are:

wake me up (when september ends) - greenday - tab on this site is good
broken - seether - tab on this site is good
spanish romance (romanza) - misc. (tab on this site is good)
bouree (Am) - tab on this site is good
apparitions - Matthew Good Band - i just made it up, but im working on a tab which i should post in the next few weeks (i never have time to tab)
needle and the damage done - neil young (not a real f.p. song but converts easily and sounds great on acoustic)

really if you look at any song that isnt straight strumming patterns it can be finger picked
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just work on playing arpeggios with your fingers. Try for instance playing a G major chord and use you thumb for the e and a string index for the d middle for the g etc. thats how i got good at finger picking. Then trying to incorprate that with something like Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) or In Loving Memory (Alter Bridge). Also Dire Straits, Creed, Jack Johnson, & led Zeppelin are good places to start.
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