I recently loosened my truss rod (turned it counter clockwise) to try to get rid of some fret buzz. I did it over the course of about 2 days, and it actually did seem to help. I just noticed that my action is a little high at the higher frets (about 1/4 inch), but its not really bothering me. I don't wanna really bring it to a shop because I just bought the guitar, and honestly I'm broke. If the guitar was bowed or something, would I be causing any permanent damage by leaving it for a few months, still playing it and all - just not bringing it to the luthier?

What I mean is, if I messed it up a bit by adjusting the truss rod too much or whatever.. and I leave it for a few months without taking it in, is it possible I will permanently damage my guitar?

Also, I'm not even sure if the action was like that when I got it. (I might just be paranoid)
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If the neck is too loose and over bowed it can sometimes cause the fretboard to warp which I don't believe can be fixed.
I can't say what is going to happen to your guitar without seeing it, but I'll say this. The truss rod serves a very specific function: to control neck relief. The truss rod should be adjusted to "straighten" the neck (but actually it should have a very SLIGHT forward bow). If the guitar has fret buzz when the neck is "straight" then it has other problems, most likely at the nut and/or saddle and possibly with the bridge itself or the top.
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i think you'll be fine.

leave the strings on for tension.

a little high action an an acoustic isnt going to hurt anything.

and in the future to get an idea of what your neck is doing, click the green link in my sig, measure the middle neck relief, and you'll have an idea of where it is, and about where is should be.

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Sounds OK - just keep an eye on it.

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