I couldn't find any types of these threads on the search, so I'll go for it.

How do you see your rig changing from your current rig at this time next year?

As for me, I'm aiming for a Twin Reverb at about Easter, getting rid of my DS-1, and then doing a big pedal board purchase at summer (Line 6 DL4, Boss RV-3, Proco Rat, MXR Phase 90, and a EHX Micro Pog), and then finally around next January or February-ish I want to get a MIA Tele.

I've clearly planned this all out too much Thats roughly what I want to do though. How about you guys?
Hoping to get a new amp (Budda Superdrive/ENGL Thunder/Mesa Mark III) and then a DD-7 or EHX Memory Man, RMC Wizard wah and Line 6 FM-4. Maybe an EHX Small Stone.

Basically, my whole GAS list will become my gear this year.
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mmh i guess i'm gonna get some stuff this year
a double stand for my keyboards (and a gig bag for my juno-d)
a telecaster (I'd like a thinline)
maybe an electronic drumkit
fender jazz bass (also mim)

I don't know what else I'd need, I bought so much stuff this year
lol let's make a list about what I bought since march 2008 instead =)

-yorkville 200kb keyboard amp
-an assload of jacks
-fender jaguar hh
-lots of pedals (see sig, they are all from november to february)
-crate flexwave halfstack
-traynor ycv40wr
-laney linebacker 65
hopefully a new amp, probably blackheart either handsome devil or little giant, i havent decided. maybe an ibanez ts-9, possibly a chorus or delay, also looking at an EHX holy grail. i need to get a pedal board built pretty much.
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I don't really have much plans after what's coming this month... buuuut I'm sure by the end of the year my rig will have changed immensely
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maybe a boss metal-core or metal-zone pedal.
most probably a new drumset! =D
pdp x7 series hopefully =)
DOUBLE EDIT: Whoops, nevermind.
I swear I've seen this thread somewhere before though.
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I'm happy with my amp for now, so I doubt that would change in a year...

I'm going to purchase an analogue delay, and get a rack mounted noise supressor, then, with my soon to be purchase recording gear, I can start demoing stuff.

The stuff I'd really like, but shouldn't get, is a Schecter Hellraiser C7 FR, or a lovely PRS guitar of somekind....

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Plum Team FTW!

Two new guitars, another head, bass cab, Rode NT-2, some mediocre recording interface, board that actually fits all my pedals, more pedals.

that'll done by the end of the summer


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Next for me is to complete my pedalboard construction, including the purchase of a good power supply for it.

From there, I plan to build clone kits. An envelope filter, the BYOC Armstrong Twin (Green Ringer/Orange Squeezer clone), and a phaser. Then, if needs be, an ISP Decimator to round it out.

From there, it's all gratuitous, really.


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As soon as I get enough money this summer (hopefully sooner) I'm going to get a Blackstar HT-5. Then I'll get some kind of OD to boost it and maybe by this time next year I'll have a MIM strat too.
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First is my new amp, probably a Fender Pro 185.

Then a new backup guitar, probably an MIM Strat, followed by a drum machine and a Line6 FM4.

After that, if I have any money left some recording gear.
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it all depends on if i get a job
if i do: gibson les paul and an ibanez with double locking tremolo,

if i dont: maybe a low end RG or a wireless system
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A new amp is overdue now. I'll see what I can find for a good price on ebay. I'm thinking either a used Engl Screamer, Thunder or Blackmore or a Laney VC30, Lionheart, a Marshall DSL50 or Roland JC. If I get the JC, I'll go for a H&K Tubefactor as well, if I get a Laney I'll look at booster pedals.

That is, unless I find yet another guitar that I just MUST have. Those Duesenbergs are starting to look good. I'll see about that on saturday.

I'll sell my Vox Tonelab SE probably. I'll maybe mod my Epi Valve Junior, if I have the time. Or maybe I'll just blow it up. Possibly both.
Im very close to having the money for the bugera 333XL combo

if i do well in my exams hopefully will get some money towards a LTD Ec-1000

then I'll sell my les paul to put towards a nice strat.

perhaps get some pedals then that'll be my gear list done for the year
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Not really sure, might sell something off in order to get one of the following, (probably wont though)

Schecter Tempest, C-1 Classic
Money for my own build
Possible a Sterline Axis

But for sho im gettin a bass.

Maybe a new amp but thats doubtful, dont really need it
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I'm set on amps for a while. Unless I decide that I need something british voiced.

Anyways, the only thing I can see changing for sure is I plan to get a nice pedalboard around.
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hopefully a splawn nitro head and a nice new 4x12 to go with it, ive got a big list of pedals i want to get but i need to build another pedalboard first since this one is full lol
i miss having a floyd rose so im probably gonna buy something with a floyd, most likely a schecter hellraiser v-1 fr or a c-1 fr. first thing im doing is buying new cables since mine are all over 10 years old at least, some are over 15 years old lol
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a new amp, something simple and inexpensive but good sounding like a Peavey Bandit, chromatic tuner pedal because the cheap fender tuner just isn't cutting it, noise gate as necessary, analog delay and chorus pedals and that's about all i i figure i'll get this year

i also plan on a new 7 string like a RG7321 that i can mod a bit and maby build a few pedals just for fun but probably not this year

it's all tentative though because i'm currently unemployed
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Nothing really, probably just the pickup swaps in my guitar. Maybe a speaker swap?

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

I want to get a good delay pedal (boss dd7/ehx memory man/mxr carbon copy) to replace my Ibanez DE7, I wanna get an ehx big muff and an mxr 10-band.

Perhaps in the next two years or so I'll get a Vox AC30.
I'm aiming for a Agile AL-3100 Siverburst before or after summer and a Sterling by MusicMan Ray34 or Fame MM400 for Christmas.

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Ibanez ATK300
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Korg Pitchblack
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Adding a Univibe-style pedal of some kind, whether a Voodoo Lab Micro Vibe or a boutique model.

Maybe a nicer wah, Budda or RMC.

A power source of some kind since I'm really accumulating quite a little collection of pedals.
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Hmm, I might donate my Epiphone to my brother and get myself a Gibson Les Paul sometime next year.
I am....making progress...
Im currently in the process of getting rid of my 1960A for a Mesa Recto 2x12. Maybe later ill get some pedals (I currently have none, I know) maybe a Maxon OD-808 or a Badmonkey and a MXR 10-band EQ along with a delay pedal, a chorus pedal, and a reverb pedal.
Selling my 5150II and my cab and getting an Orange 2x12 and an ENGL Blackmore maybe. Probably buy a new drum kit, maybe a PDP kit. Got some builds planned too. Building a new body for my RG, then Im building a Tele and an RG7 from scratch too.
Hoping for new guitar, something in a schecter, a new amp probably a B-52, replacements for my pedals(MXR 10 band, Boss DD3, A wah of somesort)
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I don't even have a rig right now, all I have is a ****ty MG half stack that I am going to sell, an Epiphone G-400, and a Peavey Vypyr that I don't even like.

Here is what my rig WILL be

Amp: Marshall JCM 900/1960A
Guitar: 1966 Epiphone G-400
Pedals: Several BOSS modulation effects; MXR Phase 90; BOSS NS-2; Korg Pitchblack. That will probably be it.
Other Gear: Weber Attenuator (for bedroom use a recording setup; possibly a wireless system if I feel like I need one.
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I'm hoping for either a fender blues jr or a bassman, maybe an A/B/Y switch if i get a new amp. I'd like to get a fender strat sometime this year and possibly an overdrive don't know what one yet but i guess i have a year to decided
This year's already been good for me, I made my pedal board, although it's pretty empty right now, and I recently got a new amp.

So now my goal is to fill out my pedal board with things like, a tuner, MXR Carbon Copy, Digitech Whammy, Big Muff Pi, Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz, Small Clone, and if I'm felling crazy enough a Pigtronix MortherShip.

Once I have my pedal board updated it'll be time for a new guitar, Fender, either a Tele or a Strat, still haven't made up my mind. Next I'd like some recording equipment. Get some good software and a nice mic.

Oh, and if I can, recabling my rig with some high quality cables would be nice too.

That should be it, hopefully I can get all that done this year. Yay for jobs!
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I see the start of a pedalboard.

a TS9 a wah (RMC?) a DD7 or Carbon copy.

and hopefully a splawn copmetitoin

and some rockman gear and the start of a rack
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