Hey guys,

Well I'm extremely happy right now. My uncle gave me his old Line 6 Flextone I Plus amp recently and I've been wanting a Line 6 amp for a while now. However, the catch was that I need to replace the speaker as the one it has now is pretty much dead (the electronics are fine though).

However, I really don't know anything about this. I know how to solder the amp speaker into the amplifier, but what I don't know is what would be a good speaker to use with it. The one it comes with is a 60 watt Eminence, but I was told by a lot of Line 6 users that one of the best things they did was replacing that speaker with a better one.

So basically, what exactly should I use? Do I have to still use a 60w or can I use more wattage also? The current speaker is 1x12". Any help is appreciated!

you can use any 8ohm speaker that is atleast 50-60W, most speaker are rated to handle double that so they dont blow when cranked, a Celestion G12T would make a good replacement speaker on it but they are pricey and dont know what your budget is.

take a look around at guitar speakers and post back if you need further info on what to expect from it.

im not a great speaker person but am willing to help all i can.
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Try and get a 60W speaker. You can damage the amplifier by using too loud a speaker, and it's much easier to realise when you are overdriver a speaker.