Its a simple song, and i posted an uncomplete version a while back, so i thought id share the finished product. Any comments or advice would be nice, even if its not a crit.

Vocal hook for the chorus is done, but thats it..
and drums are easy cos im not great with GP drums...
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Wow dude that was really good! Haha my girlfriend overheard me playing it and she came in to listen.
My only crit would be to add a little more to the solo. I felt it was a little lacking compared to the emotion that was in the rest of the song. Anyways great job!
You bastard. I'm going to have this song stuck in my head for a week now.

Seriously, Great job. I can't wait to hear it recorded. Oh I didn't like the acoustic bit right at the beginning, But that's just being an ant at a picnic. that's right, and ant.
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Thanks guys.
About the solo, i did it without a guitar , so it didn't turn out the way i wanted it...
And the intro, i couldn't think of any other way to get into the song..
I might attempt the solo again one day soon though.
Once again, cheers people
The intro reminds me of Green Day's song "Good Riddance"
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I think this one is much more closer to get you a record deal than a lot of other contributions on this site. Great work.
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Like someone said, good riddance.
I would gone aabout bar 5/ the main riff differently. I would have made it faster and more powerfull kinda thing. The way you did it was great. But i would have done it differently.
Vocal melody was gooood.
Bar 17 guitar riff was sooooooooo good. I could maybe imagine that as a vocal melody?
The verse and stuff that follow are good, but yeh not too much to crit on. The lear at Bar 49 and 50 was exelent though.
Solo was great for a solo, but i would have used an octave type of solo.
Bar 71 riff. So so good again.

Amazing song. Great pop punk lead guitar work. 9/10.


That acoustic intro is SO stealed from Time of Your Life By Green Day
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Its sounds like it yes. But im pretty sure he didnt do it on purpose. Its in a different position on the fretboard so im guessing he wrote it, then noticed it sounded like time of your life, but didnt care too much because hes not a musical nazi who calls him self something hardcore like 'DEATHRIP".
Ahh...I knew that the intro sounded familiar, but i couldn't quite remember what it was..
I didn't mean to copy it...not at all...
Ill try change it if that makes ppl happier..
Anyway thanks for all your comments guys you've helped me alot.
It was all done really well, and it sounded nice, but I got bored. It was hard to differentiate between sections, everything just sounded kind of same-y. I'd like to see it sped up a little. It probably sounds a lot better without MIDI instruments, as it's hard to identify instrumental prosody... what with no dynamics, and proper sounding palm mutes and such. Overall it was very well written, but I'd like to see a little more prosody, just a little instrumental variation, have a feel like it's going places. And yeah, intro just sounds like Time of My Life.



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Sounds like a GreenDay song at the beginning..

Other than that, great work, seriously, was very very good.
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Once again, thanks for all your comments.
I would just like to say, I admit that its fairly repetitive, but i was hoping that with vocals this problem would sort it self out and it wouldn't be so boring...do you guys agree?
i think you're in the wrong key signature...

x__x all the instruments just dont sound like they play together at all
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Quote by nivlarama
i think you're in the wrong key signature...

x__x all the instruments just dont sound like they play together at all

ermm....id love to acknowledge your comment...but im not entirely sure how you mean
Quote by nivlarama
i think you're in the wrong key signature...

x__x all the instruments just dont sound like they play together at all

Hate to say it mate but I personally can't find anything wrong with his key sig ....

Everyone and their grandma uses those chords in the intro, so thats not the problem. Its that rhythm you used that make it sound an exact copy of good riddance.. but anyway.

Yeah this is very generic and lacking in "interest" if you will, but that not a huge problem because a verse melody would certainly sort things out a bit. The world alway needs a good bit of catchy cheesy pop rock stuff so rock on matey!! hehe

I would personally have varied the parts played on individual instruments a bit more, as well as give the piece more dynamics, so if doesn't sound as "flat" [if you get what I mean.. not flat in the tuning sense flat in the ... well yeah you get the idea right lol]

I might be getting a piece up soon, so when I'll do I hit you up with a link if you like. Although I will have to warn you it is noooothing like this in anyway shape or form.. in fact its probably a bit too experimental at that but whatever lol Laters!