I got some new stuff to record with I'm really wanting to test. I can record anyone's originals if you are interested. If you have GP5s or maybe just not good enough stuff to record your tunes with... I can give it a shot for you. I will record any kind of music, and I don't want credit or anything. I'm just bored.
Uhm, yeah.

But you have to tune to B to do mine :\
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Mine would be metal based, and I would desire a deep sounding distorted guitar tone. Could you handle that?
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Do you have a bass? I really need bass on 3 of my songs. (they're only in drop D btw).

Or if you have EZDrummer, I'm probably gonna be writing a punk-ish (not pop-punk) song soon and I don't think the metal single-shots I have are gonna do the trick.
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I'm in need of a guy
I can put bass on tracks, yes... and I also have ez drummer, haha. Just PM me when you have a track you need me to listen to.
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