Well when I was playing in my old band, at one of our last practices, I slammed one of my guitars front side down onto the ground. Messed up a bunch of crap. I replaced the whammy bar, the springs, the input, had to re-solder a bunch of connections and now I'm done repairing it. However, in the process I lost the cover that covers the electronics. Is there something I can use to replace this? will some place like guitar center carry one?
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Bland, you didn't even read the post.

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what kind of guitar? If it's a common one, you'll probably be able to get one at stewmac or from the manufacturer directly.

Well, It's a Silvertone Sik-1, I put a thin piece of plastic in it's place awhile ago, but when I stand and play, it acts like a drum every time I hit it with my hip or things in my pockets. Also, i seem to be getting more interference now, but I'm not sure if that's just me because I re-arranged my room (which is filled with electronics which could cause interference. I was wondering if the back plate even mattered when it comes to that because there was like a metallic foil on the inside of the original.


Took a pic with my webcam if it helps:
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yup. that's called shielding. It's meant to stop interference. go to the silvertone website and see if they'll send you another one, it shouldn't be too expensive. you can buy some shielding foil and put that onto the new cover.

step 1: Office max or office supply store
step 2: plastic black garbage bin
step 3: make a paper template of the area to be covered
step 4: trace and cut out a flat part of the garbage can
step 5: ebay or home depot "3m 1" wide copper tape no solder" tape
step 6: apply long strips of this on the inside part of the back cover (facing the electronics)
step 7: find screws
step 8: ???
step 9: PROFIT!!!
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