I played a ton in the late 80's and early 90's. Actually filled in for a friend and played Rhythm for a Grateful Dead cover band....... 3 kids and a career later I haven't touched a guitar in 15 years and am gonna pick one up and start jamming again. I want to go electric but have no clue where to start. I did have a Korean Strat back when I did play, but I want to go a different direction. Here are some of my "guitar idols" who I want to play their music. Jerry Garcia, Michael Houser (Widespread Panic), The Edge. I know that is a braod range, but if someone could point me in a good direction I would appreciate it.

Right now I am thinking about a squire Tele, but have no clue what else is out there. Any advice on guitars and amps?


Go out and play some guitars and find something that fits your hands and something you like the sound of. The edge uses a cluster of guitars and Garcia uses custom made Alembic guitars. The tele is a great guitar, but if you're going to go squier, look for an older one. If you can't find one, grab a used mexi tele or MIJ tele.
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they are the worst guitars in the world
but if u really want one whatever floats your boat
Work out your budget, go to a decent sized guitar store and try out everything you like the look of that you can afford. Then when you've got an idea what feels good do some research on them and find out what is best value for money for what you want to play.
I would recommend going with a strat. Overall, they can play pretty much any style out there. The only issue is that they hum sometimes, but a decent amp would have a noise gate anyway, which would fix that problem. Some would disagree, but I think the tele is a somewhat one dimensional guitar.

As far as buying one, I would recommend going to a store with a friend who knows what hes looking at, and pick out a good used strat. They are a great value, and have that "broken in" feel. If you want a new one, go with a mexican one, although they are about $450.

Idk if your looking for amps, but I would recommend a Line6 amp. They sound fantastic for the money, in my opinion.

If you have any more questions feel free to PM me.
I think the best thing to do would be to go to a guitar store and play a bunch of different ones.

Most likely, you'll get a good idea of what you are after.

But don't feel obligated to buy right then and there; I'd say check your local used listings, once you've narrowed your options down.

If you're thinking about a Tele, I'd say go for a used MIM before you go Squier.
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Quote by iamthunderman
How bout an Ibanez? I know nothing about them, but I do LOVE their look!

Ibanez tend to be geared a bit more towards metal, so I doubt it would suit your tastes as well.
Strats and teles are really great guitars, if you could go Fender it would be ideal.
yeah ibanez and jackson and other metal guitars seem to sound a bit muddy when used for softer stuff
shecters might work for soft though
yeah ditto to everyone's try before you buy advise. Try out all the different models you can, Telecasters, and Stratocasters seem to be a good pick for you but keep your mind open to others like the Les Paul or semi-hollows. However I mus disagree with Evh1776 about the Line6 amp, if you like vintage amp tones out of a practice amp, try out the Vox Valvetronix series or the Vox Pathfinder. The Valvetronix amps are modelers and offer a variety of amp tones in one box from clean, low gain to high gain. The Pathfinder is a one channel solidstate amp but offers a nice clean tone and a nice Voxy overdrive, think of Vox AC30 type. Line 6 amps are known for a heavy metal sound but not much else.

Good Luck friend!
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schecter ftw! i would say c-1 plus or c-1 classic. depends upon your budget. or go epiphone and get a g-400 or a les paul standard. around $400 i think. if you have an idea on what you may want do some research, try guitars out at guitar center or any local store. find your sound.
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