Ive been doing some research on baritone guitars and electric guitars, reason be is that i want to try out that tuning. On research lots of people say that you CAN'T tune a normal 25.5 scale guitar to baritone tuning, that you NEED to get a baritone guitar. I've found that Zoltan Bathory from Five Finger Death Punch uses a normal 25.5 scale BC Rich Assassin PX2 tuned to what he calls "true baritone" tuning. So does this actually mean you can tune any 25.5 scale guitar to baritone using heavy enough strings?
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Whats 'baritone' tuning?

You can get a low B on a 25.5" guitar easy, thats what a 7 string is, and people use string guages of .54 and upwards.

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that guy tunes to A or B standard and drop methinks,

he was in my guitar mag, its at school and i cant check for you.

but anyways, yes, those were 25.5 scale guitars and he does it just fine with .13s
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you can do that with a 25.5 scale guitar. just gotta use thicker strings for more tension.
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i guess its for F sharp or something like that idk i heard the was the lowest string on the 8 string guitar so...yeah...
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