well im a young guitarist 16
and i've written one song with my acoustic
it involves capo on 2nd fret
i've also covered a song too (if the moon fell down tonight)
and i've learned quite a few riffs with my electric but i dont really enjoy it
as much as my acoustic

to the point now lol

i would like to find easy songs to play like with friends and little jam sessions..
any help would be nice!

Pathos by Darkest Hour
Wonderwall by Oasis
Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty
i don't know what you call easy, but most Jack Johnson songs and a few John Mayer songs.

Also, a question...You've been a member since june of last year...and you've covered one song?

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lol I'm in the same boat as you mate, just check out the threads for ideas!
i would say "emily" by from first to last. it is definitely one of my favorite acoustic songs and it is fairly simple to play. also look at some City and colour stuff. a lot of emo-bands have excellent acoustic songs that a lot of ppl like even if they dont enjoy that particular genre... distorted lets just say. good stuff, at least in my opinion. AND DONT PPL WASTE THERE TIME BY COMMENTING ON MY GENRE SUGGESTION. I LIKE, OTHER PPL DO, THE GUY WHO PENNED THIS THREAD MIGHT, AND DONT WASTE EVERYONES TIME AND SPACE POSTING UR GODDAMN OPION ON IT....... anyways... have fun!! thats all that matters.
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