You were tossing ‘round the blame like there was some sort of game
But I didn’t get the rulebook I just tossed my name into the hat
And a little bit of everything’s coming right back

And I’m sure there is some beauty beneath those fake tan lines
But for now I can’t see nothing baby, I might as well be blind
So take my hand and lead me to your room!

We were shooting for the moon
We haven’t quite made it but I’m sure we’ll be there soon
If we make it before sunset
Then I’ll tear down that flag and put the whole damn world to rest

I was talking on the phone
To no one in particular ‘cause no ones ever home
And I was calling all your friends, asking everyone about everything, I was checking on your plans

But you dropped the ball
So I hopped into my car, but an empty tank won’t take you very far
Yeah an empty tank won’t take you very far

Yeah I was shooting at the moon
I haven’t quite made it but I’m sure I’ll be there soon
If I arrive before you do
Then once you make your entrance I shall swiftly leave the room

And you were so focused on perfecting all your words
That you haven’t said a damn that is worth being heard

And you were shooting at the moon
But your target was too high and now you’ve settled in the atmosphere
And it’s so cold out here
And aside from lack of oxygen you’ve got nothing left to fear
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