Ive been playing for about a year and a half and im ready to move up to a better amp. I have a Schecter Hellraiser, as well as a mexican HSS strat. I was playing my strat on my teachers Line6 Spider II 2x12 and it hummed alot.

Since the Spider III has come out, I know it has a noise gate, but is it good? Also, I wouldn't mind buying a gate pedal, but would it matter that the amp doesn't have an effect loop and would have to be in front of the amp?

Stay away.... if you have any sense of what good sound quality is, dont buy it. Also, don't buy a marshall MG

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please, dont get a line 6 spider. budget? styles? nearest big city? willing to go used?

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The hum most likely came from one of the single coils on the strat. Which pickup were you using?
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Help recover the sanity of the UG regulars. Don't buy a Spider, or an MG, or any Ibanez amp, or any Crate SS amp less than 10 years old. Or a Fender Frontman, although I like them.
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please, dont get a line 6 spider. budget? styles? nearest big city? willing to go used?


basically what the others are trying to say is.

Line 6's spiders are not a good investment. look elsewhere, crate would even be preferable.
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