If you're not using them for high-fret soloing, they're great guitars. Very popular in the 1960's, you can probably pick up a genuine 1960's vintage one for just a few hundred more than the reissues with a little luck. They make great slide guitars too, ask Zoso and Derek Trucks(I know he mainly uses an SG, but I've seen hm with a Dano hanging around his neck).

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Im not much of a soloer and ive got other guitars for things like that. I've only come across the reissues on both. I have really started to fall in love with the Danelectro name and guitars recently. So both are great even as reissues?
their really light guitars, cause their hollow inside. they're a good guitar to travel with, cause its relatively small and light. not a good gigging guitar, unless your doing like acoustic songs.

i think they're great for like strumming and playing soft style songs, they sound amazing clean, real unique clean sound. not so good with alot of distortion though. they're awfully twangy, and they have horrible sustain
pepsi, Jimmy Paige used a 59 dano dc and gigged with it hahaha and how can it be acoustic on an electric? hahaha anyway, I've played an old silvertone that the '63 is based off and they play amazingly well. One guy said that the '63 with and OD pedal gives a nice punk sound which is great (love punk). After hearing some clips and seeing vids these reissues sound great for clean tone. Hear of any problems with em?
I just tried out my very first Danelectro guitar a few hours ago and was completel amazed at it. I've been guitar shopping for a while and was set on a Squier Telecaster but I loved the Long Scale Baritone now, I will DEFINATELY pick it up when I actually get a job.
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Quote by ryanfit4battle
pepsi, Jimmy Paige used a 59 dano dc and gigged with it hahaha and how can it be acoustic on an electric?

what i meant was.. if you were to play acoustic songs on this guitar... it would sound good.

but as for gigging with it with a drummer and such.. i own this guitar and regardless of whatever jimmy page did with it.. i still don't think its a good high gain guitar and i would not recommend it for playing high gain songs.
thats what i thought hahaha. Im not really planning on gigging just home practice. And Hellbent seems all over the Dano. Im really considering one of these guitars. Ive found the '59 Dano reissue used for 175 and the '63 new for 2$250 or lower.
oh yeah if your just practicing at home, then i would say go for it. the cleans are amazing for the price, i got mine for $125 used. and its so twangy, i dont even plug it in an amplifier when i use it.
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the '59 or '63? Im really thinking of getting it. I want the '63 more so than the '59 even if its more. I havent heard any negative things about these guitars, and im starting to fall in love. hahaha Know any good amps to play em on?
idk. probably any fender, vox, or marshall amp.. those amps deliver the best cleans if you ask me

i have a little vox valvetronix amp, that was my first practicing amp. and that's the only amp i can recommend for ya..

i wouldnt dish out alot of bread for an amp specifically for this guitar.. just something small, that emphasizes cleans, and light gain.

i had a little mini marshall pocket amp i got for 30 bucks.. i kept it specifically for this guitar... amazing tone. small guitar, small amp.. the convenience was great
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im thinking of a roland cube or the valvetronix both 30 watt. i do mainly want the dano for clean but some crunch like i said wont hurt. Thinking of investing a tube screamer aswell. they give real bluesy tone and so dont the danos
I own the original and case and my friend owns the reissue.Good for softer stuff, nice for a clean sound, but distortion is a little bad on it, and there are only 19 frets.Also, the pickgaurd developed this yellowish color on it, I dont know how.Its a decent guitar though, go for it!
idk.. i wish i could telll you how to get a crunch out of a danelectro. like i said.. i don't think its a great high gain guitar.

i can tell you though itll sound amazing out of a valvetronix... you wont need a pedal though.. the valvetronix has enough built in effects and possible distortion settings.

and if its a blues tone you want... its all from volume, not distortion
a valvetronix is up on my list i can get the vt30 for $180 used. it plays real well in it huh? i know that its all volume anyway but the pedals are nice to have. the tube screamer was an idea and last on my list of purchases anyway.
I'm not so sure that pepsi1187 gives the best advice.. He's recommended to you a mini marshall pocket amp saying it has great tone ... While Fender and Vox amps hit you with some niiiice clean tones, Marshall cleans are just okay. Anyhow..

The Danelectros in question will sound pretty good for cleans and light to mid overdrive. I've heard some people say that they like the reissues more than the vintage ones, because apparently they're built better (they were budget guitars back then too).. But anyway.. I like them. They've got a unique tone and vibe.

The Valvetronix is a good practice amp, but not much else. If you've got a nice tube amp to put it in front of, tubescreamers are great. It all depends on how much budget you have.
i dont thik i need anything mroe than a practice amp. I played the 15 watt Vox Valtronix vt15 today and its plenty loud. It plays all sorts of great sounds. Im sorta starting to fall in love hahaha. Marshall's were deff outta the question. The guy who is selling the Dano is in cali now so i ahve to wait like a week before i even get to see it or play it. I have time to think it all out before hand. I want the clean sounds, ive got my ibanez to rip the heavy stuff. The valvetronix would play nice with both i think and that makes it that much better. All in all no negative towards the guitars tho?
I so badly want a Danelectro 12-string. Although they're so cheap I could probably afford to get a 6-string and a 12-string.

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hahah yeah! i love that they are cheap but play so well. I havent heard a negative thing about em.