I ordered something from small bear electronics and after clicking the pay now button it took me to a paypal page that said "Sorry - your last action could not be completed" I received an order confirmation for SBE. I sent SBE an email but have not gotten a reply. On SBE site it says "I accept PayPal to smallbearelec@ix.netcom.com" does this mean that I have to send the payment manually through paypal? I thought I would see if anyone here had the same problem or any suggestions.
that happened to me the first time I ordered though them. usually it'll direct you straight to paypal, but if theres some kind of connection problem, the paypal site might load improperly and give you that error message.

I just emailed them and paypalled them the payment manually, but every other order I've placed through them has worked right for me.. it sends me to paypal, I just click 'pay', and its all set up

just wait for them to reply, it could take another day or something..