Whats your opinion in my computer sound setup?
I'm running 2 cabinets each with a 12'' sub and an 8'' tweeter...
I had to chop a couple cables together to get it running right. Stereo, oh yea. =] Anyways heres pics opinions please or warnings. Good or bad criticism welcome.
Also, anyone know how to mess with EQ settings on PC like if I want to play a loud song from youtube I could get lots of bass and little mid and high. Thanks. I put a behringer to good use... Never thought it was possible other than sounding crappy.

Um, are you deaf yet?

Also, keep a web camera or any camera going at all times, you know, for when your head explodes.
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-thought we were talking about the thrash metal band-

-thought we were taking about the Men at Work song-

Ya know!? Off of Scrubs! Anyways...HOLY **** yes that's very overkill dude.
LOL that is ridiculous, yet sooo awesome
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Well, how is your Behringer? Two of my friends got an amp of theirs, and it quit working =/
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-thought we were talking about the thrash metal band-

As did I.

"80 cycles runnin' like a freight train comin'

80 cycles runnin' I know

How low can you go??????"

But yeah, that's too much.
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enjoy your hearing while you can.
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there are drugs there

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aparently it dose.
I like the little tiny speaker on the left side. It adds a nice touch.
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