the tonal characteristics of marshall mg's have been described as unkind by many a player
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or a
Crate Put your clothes away,we have company

or the Marshall MG,its has CRUSHING OVERDRIVE

dude,wrong forum,it'd be under accesories!
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nothing beats the good ol' ENGL Fireball, or possibly the Mesa Mark V

But yes, wrong form, this belongs in gear and acessories
Splawn Nitro IMO. Sounds brutal.
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Line 6 Spider III.

I certainly hope this is a joke based on the smiles at the bottom...if not for shame

My opinion on this topic of the meanest amps I've heard are:

Framus Cobra
ENGL Powerball
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

I had a chance to get a hold of a Framus for $1000 cash + trading the guy my Peavey XXL head....but at the time I wasn't in a band and couldn't justify that much $$$ being spent on an amp I couldn't even use in my apartment effectively...I'm sorta kicking myself for not investing in it cause it's a killer amp.
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There are a ton of amps that are pretty mean sounding.

Mesa Rectos if you cut the gain back to get more chunk than fizz
Framus Cobras
Diezels always sound pretty nasty
Vettas, Pods, Fractal AXEFX, the other good modelers
Bogner Uberschalls
The 5150 and 6505 have an insane amount of saturation. Tons of death metal bands use em.
Marshall's, when boosted and cranked are desired by a ton of guys
Splawn Nitro
The Bad Cat Lynx, although a lighter gain amp company, gets pretty nasty due to the chunk instead of straight up saturation.
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the f*cking f*cker has a pretty mean name. i dont know how it sounds though.

The CRATE BV600H. It is a 600W all-tube head with a matching 16x12 cabinet for the half-stack version.

Absolutley MEAN and loud :P
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prolly an Engl530 preamp with a VHT power amp. Sounds like getting raped by razor blades, but liking it.
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