yea im looking at both guitars, they both have their good points like the assassin with its neck through body, ebony fretboard, but the pickups i guess arent that awsome? i dunno thats just what i hear, then theres the HR with emg's which are nice, and looks really nice, built well. i dunno how about some opinions on what you guys think on which is a better buy. they look like they both have good points of their own, but in some areas the other is better in it
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shecter hellraiser all the way but id rather get the fr'less model but thats just personal prefrence.
I use a line 6 what of it?
yea i was thinking about going with the hellraiser also, and i can see why you would want to go fr'less its a pain but i can put up with it, its nice to have and its not that big a deal, people make it seem so much harder than it really is, but we'll see if everyone agrees with the hellraiser haha. maybe theres something i dont know bout the assassin
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I've looked at the assassin, its got nice pups, rockfield mafias, and and original flloyd rose... I dunno much about the schecter, but the assasin is quite a cheap guitar considering the features you get for you money.
yea i heard good and bad about the pickups, im yet to play it so i dont really know how it sounds. ive never even heard of rockfeild mafias until i saw that guitar. and that was another bonus was that its a lot cheaper than the hellraiser. but then it doesnt have inlays besides the big x thing on the 7th fret which would take getting used to
true, but I can imagine you'd get used to the lack of inlays quite quickly. the mafias are quite good pups, im thinking of getting an assassin this summer. ive heard good things about them and if you go on the B.C. Rich site listen to the sound clip provided on the mockingbird st page, same pups, and they sound sweet. It really depends on the sound you are after and the amp you have. If you can test out both before you commit to a decision.
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yea i think im going to a guitar center this saturday maybe to test them both out, im just gonna plug them into the same amp i have at home and play both for maybe like 15 minutes each just to see how they compare. but im still kind of hesitant about the assassin just because its a bc rich, ive never liked the way they played in the first place but when i looked up the PX3T i had a change of heart and realized they have at least a few nice guitars
yeah I see what you mean, B.C. rich only compete on their high end guitars, and you can't really go wrong with them... if you buy like the bronze series or whatever it a waste of money. It is a tough choice though, both the schecter and the assassin are good guitars, just look at the price tag, and the sound quality when you get your hands on them! Good luck, and I hope I helped!
I would go schecter.

Lower end BC rich = fail

High end BC Rich = not fail

Schecter= IMO best for money

as for the pickups in the Asassain... never really heard good things about them, never hear of people switching out stocks for them. Really youll end up removing them for Duncans or otherwise later on
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