We are a punk/rock band and we are looking for a few ideas from you guys for some good songs to get the crowd pumping. Please post here with some songs. We are looking for fairly easy songs with good sounding solos to play right now. Thanks.
like this second?

Give it All - Rise Against
Bleed it Out - Linkin Park
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can't stop - rhcp
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Easy, Fun, And most everyone knows the words well part of em

blitzkrieg bop
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Ready to Fall - Rise Against (Easy, but needs 2 guitars)
American Idiot - Green Day
Any Ramones song should pump up the crowd-especially Blitzkrieg Bop (whoever said that, good job) and What I Like About You
The Clash - London Calling and any other Clash songs
Any Rezillos songs
In The End - Linkin Park
Pennywise - Bro Hymn. My band plays it, crowd love it, it's best played at the end of the set though, to end on a real big high.
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Pay to Cum or Banned in DC by Bad Brains.

if you are a punk band, do it.
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raining blood
born to raise hell by motörhead
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NOFX - Don't Call Me White
NOFX - Seperation of Church and Skate

Those are two songs that can get a crowd pumped.
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Go with the classics. Do something like the Offspring and play a punk-ish cover of Hendrix, for example.
re education through labour - rise against (listening to it now )
Simple Plan - Jump
Sum 41 - Motivation
Sum 41 - Into deap
Sum 41 - How you remind me (cover)
Blink 182 - Man Overboard
Blink 182 - Wendy Clear
Blink 182 - M&M
Green Day - Hollydays
Green Day - Warning
Green Day - Minoroty
Goldfinger - 99 red ballons
The offspring - Get a job
I Will Be Heard by Hatebreed
So this is it, my time to live
Can't sit around and watch my life pass by
Da Hui - The Offspring

Fills all your requirements
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