so my band is doing the power rangers theme song at our school talent show just for kicks, and for a good laugh. Has your band ever done any TV theme covers? just wondering about the reaction we would get...
My band did the original Transformers theme.
Prolly the loudest applause I've ever heard from a 500 person audience.
I play guitar in a ska band.
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My band covered the Captain Planet theme once. Best show EVAR.


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My band did the original Transformers theme.
Prolly the loudest applause I've ever heard from a 500 person audience.

I can understand why :P

TS: Me and my guitarist were jammign and decided to do the Power Ranger theme, but we havent done it in front of people yet.
Nothing wrong with that. However, make sure you're playing it to the right audience. Rule of thumb, if you have to explain to the audience what you've just played, you probably shouldn't have played it at all.
well, we just played it earlier today at my school... was pretty fun and the crowd reacted really well and people kept shouting out at how cool my guitar looked lol (its a gibson zw les paul)
jessica, more commonly known as the topgear theme tune goes down pretty well

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Powerrangers Theme is amazing

Iv Seen a Band to the Full Mario theme, That was amazing


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Some guy here does the theme to Pingu, it REALLY kicks. Linus someone, I think?

Back in the days of my 'solo career' I used to do a punk version of 'Fireball XL5'.

I did a version of the Knightmare theme tune for the Knightmare website too once. I'll see if I can't dig it out.


Here it is, it's under 'remix'. I think the piece was called 'An adventure through Feldspar' for some reason.

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A local acoustic duo I know play the Theme Song from the old kids show Arthur. Always goes down with the crowd, especially the people who don't know it's coming.

That's really good form. "Every day when you're walking down the street / everybody that you meet / has an original point of view", right?
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green hill zone music from sonic 1
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Partridge Family...no seriously...
"I was influenced to play the guitar after I saw the guy on Power Rangers do it. I figured it would be easy, since a guitar is basically a big kazoo."

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My band covered the Captain Planet theme once. Best show EVAR.

CRAZY! I've covered Captain Planet too! Here I am thinking I'm unique

Otherwise I've done;

- Brokeback Mountain Theme
- Last of the Mohicans Theme

Both with added words because instrumentals are boring for the audience.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Well I want to do the "Undergrads" theme song which is a modded version of "Click" by Good Charolette. I was thinking about doing just the TV Version as a lead into another song. I need to pitch it to the bassist but it should be awesome.
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Power rangers is awesome live.
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Do the theme from "SHAFT"!!!!
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I wanted my band to do the Spongebob theme....they wouldn't have it.

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this was the funniest thing ive seen in the pit for weeks.

^about me
I haven't played any theme songs with a band yet, but yesterday i learned how to play the beverly hills 90210 intro just for kicks (the old one)

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My band is doing "Boss Of Me" by they might be giants - Malcom In The Middle theme tune. Everyone loves it but most dont realise its an actual song
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