ots, poem, c4c.
Please crit if you could.

i can't explain things to you that i would with an adult.
a child would explain you great, but your body and mind don't match.
how can someone so strong and secure
have so many drawbacks, weaknesses?
someone i look to for courage
is expressing such STUPIDITY.
who are you helping?
who are you hurting?
look at it from your lover's perspective.
one outweighs the other.
more than you can comprehend.

i need you.
i'll do anything to help you.
i'll lose everything i love in a blink of an eye,
but at least i have your trust.
i'd throw away the worthless piece of garbage,
throw away the most important thing to me,
if it means you're safe and sound.
what noise will you make?
where will i land?
snake eyes. fuck.

i'm losing everything,..dsaewfadsc
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