I'm listening to this band again for the first time in ages and I must say they've held up quite well compared to the stuff that frequently floods my ears nowadays. They're nothing groundbreaking or innovative, but I like them quite a bit and I think they're worth mentioning.

Their myspace.

They changed their sound with every release, so they basically went from a kind of black/death metal sound to a thrashy melodeath sound to a really rhythm-oriented death metal sound. I have Unhealthy Opera and Occult Medicine from them and both are fantastic. I've also heard enough of Dying Sun to say that it's worth a listen if you like your melodeath on the heavier side.
I haven't heard these guys in a long while, but definately a worthy band to have blasting the earphones.
Yyrkoon are and continue to be one of my favourite bands. Occult Medicine more often than not makes it into my top 5 albums.
'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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