I just got my Dunlop crybaby and it broke within hours. I hope it was just a lemon but I think I might consider other brands. Can you suggest good wah pedals for me? If its not too much trouble, could you suggest a good one for $100 or less and one you'd recommend without regard to price? (As long as its under $160).

Might as well ask though...

My pedal broke because it doesn't turn on or off. When I press the toe down, it doesn't click (but the spring thing goes down), so its stuck on the wah position. Anyway to fix that that doesn't involve more than a screwdriver?
nothing is wrong with it...... you just need to break in new wahs.. they are VERY difficult to switch on and off at first.

when you push it to turn it on or off, put all your weight on the toe... it will click.. it will also get easier with time

just to make sure the is the fix, put it in heel down position and push the button under the toe with your finger all the way until the click (it depresses almost all the way, then stops and you have to push hard for the click)

dunlop original crybabys last forever... IMO they are the best too
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if you are lookin for a different one I'd suggest any of the Morley wahs
well this is the best crybaby wah but it is $150:
the DUnlop Dime Crybaby From Hell
super easy to use, and lots of better features(idk if that is the right word)
I haven't had the test to hear or test it in person, but from videos the Budda BudWah looks pretty awesome. It's $170 new, you might be able to find a cheaper used one. Listen to some clips on youtube.
How much gain are you planning on using with the wah.

If you're doing high gain, I recommend the Bad Horsie, Ibanez Weeping Demon, Dunlop 535Q, or Dime Wah.

Lower gain, I'd go for the Vox, or Buddah. There are a few more out there, I just don't dig around for vintage style stuff as much.
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