Heres my little idea. I play metal and hard rock ect. Right now Im playing an epiphone lp standard. I really want some sort of tremolo for some divebombs as well. I was looking at some ibanez and jackson guitars, but i played some today. I really hate the incredibly wide yet flat neck they have. The fender necks on the other hand feel fantastic to me, especially with maple wood. Plus the strings feel far more manipulatable.
Anyways, I was thinking about getting a $400 Hss style fender strat. Then i was thinking about getting the Kirk Hammett pre-wired pickguard which has a emg humbucker and 2 singlecoils that are all active, and then id throw some tuning locks on the guitar. Thing is... what exactly is the point of the active single coils? Are they effective at all? I probably wouldnt use distortion with the single coils even tho theyre active cuz itll sound weak unless its just sum minor crunch. Plus, the emgs may spoil my cleans? It still seems like a good idea tho some reason. Opinions?