so. i've outgrown my homemade trumpet case turned pedal board and i'm looking for something that i can grow into.

i have 5 pedals now. 3 boss, ashdown, bbe. i'm at very least gonna get another bbe then expand into probably distortions and filters.

i sold an amp so i'm allowing myself $225USD in gear.

here's option one.

lots of room, awesome case. .. pricy

option two

perfect size, nice price... tacky skulls.

i looked at the road runner pedalboard and ruled it out. and i already have a onespot so i'm looking strickly at unpowered boards.

sorry for the wall of text and any help is appreciated.
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the pt2 for me. reason, its super duper neat cos u can tuck all the cables neatly underneath it, and has space for a power supply underneath too.
I own a pedaltrain board and i must say i love it.

the damn thing is built like a sherman tank. overall great
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Do what i did. Get a plank of wood, put some VELCRO and handles on it, and then buy a hardshell briefcase to put it all in.
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Make one. Go to Lowe's or Home Depot. Look for some scraps. They'll cut it for you, and you can save a majority of that $225 for gear!
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build one for sure, then you make it the size you want and color , lay out your pedals the way you want them and measure the size you need, go buy wood(cost me 20 bucks for the wood for mine) then have fun building it then buy velcro(cost me 18 bucks for 2 packs of 2 inch x 4 feet) stick them on and bam your golden!

Heres mine for an example:

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I have a boss bcb-60 and I've never had any trouble with it. I have however run outta room in the bloody thing and have three pedals sitting outside the box now. Also the adapter plug that it comes with is a piece of ****, and only about 4 feet long. But if you only have 5 pedals I would highly recommend it. You can fit any wah or volume pedal in there either.
Of those two, I'd get the pedaltrain. you can run cables and power supply under the board and out of sight.
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Harvesterofsrrw - Nice setup! To the TS, do THAT! ^^^^
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