Line 6 Spider III.

Or so it seems.

What is the purpose of this thread? Go look at rig pictures.
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we talkin big amps?
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I'm thinking it's currently a toss up between Crate and Line 6, but I can see the Vypyr changing tat around real quick.
i hav a spider 3.....and so do all my guitarist friends....i think the spider wins XD
even if i now realize how much of a suckage amp it is....good sounds...but its so damn hard to work with.....and dnt even think about using pedals...hellz to the naw...
if were talking "real" amps, i see alot of peavey classic 30s, and alot of blues jrs.
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Chea_man is the best.
MGs and Spiders. They are the best selling amps so I imagine lots of people have them.
Low end amps, probably Spiders or Vypyrs for the newer generation.

Mid range, Bugera and Classic 30s seem the most likely suspects.

High end, 5150/6505 or AC30.
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I know its definitely not the Fallen Angel - in the almost three and half years that I've owned it I've only ever talked to two other people on here who owned one.

Like its been said - a lot of Spiders, MGs, Cubes, 5150s, Classic 30s, VKs, etc.