Hey guys!

Ultimate guitar is the place that taught me ALOT about guitar.. and it got me started in fruity loops too... hehe

Now, I come for more help.
This time to the community.

I have had a Ibanez PF (the one thats around $250) for almost 3 years.
I play in my church about once twice a week live (at least one through system).

The guitar has been great, but I got me a new Laguna LG series.
Now this is a little more expensive and I plan to take care of it better.

I have a regular capo the black one (Kyser).. i think they're pretty popular

I was showing my guitar to one of the oldies in our church (he used to play alot).. and he loved the guitar... but jumped up when he saw my capo.
Said its gonna ruin the fret overtime.. etc.. etc.

Now, for as much as I respect the fella, I would like to get some more opinions.
I usually don't go past 5th or 6th fret with the capo.. But I do use it alot sometimes.

Should I invest in a different capo? what do you guys recommend?

** EDIT **
I have this guitar


Youtube review:
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I can't see any reason that capo would be worse than any other capo. I use that crazy expensive G7th thing, but it's really no different from my Dunlop trigger capo. I think you'll be just fine.
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It's not gonna do severe damage. I have that kind. If it hurt your guitar, then they wouldn't sell it for use on your guitar. Although, a higher quality snap on capo or something would be useful since I know how much you have to use a capo in church band.

The only way it can damage is if the tension on it is too high, I have one with adjustable tension that never even touches the fretboard, just enough to fret the note.
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It PROBABLY won't do anything. If it does, it'll probably be rather slowly. I think its more a problem with acoustic guitars, if anything.

At least, as far as I know.

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I would be more worried about the fretboard than the actual frets themselves - if you leave the capo on a certain fret for an extended period of time the windings on your strings will leave indentations on your fretboard.
So is he saying never use a capo or go buy a better one?

Either way I reckon he's wrong.
is that kyser capo causing your strings to go a little sharp when you trigger it on?

most likely it'll pull at least a couple of them a little sharp.

if not then you are golden, and dont leave it on for extended time like said.

if it does do that, and it's any kind of problem at all then pick up a SHUBB capo with adjustable tension option.

the key is to use as little pressure as possible.

if it's not tossing the guitar out of tune, then it's no more harmful than fretting.



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