I know it's a newb question but what are the differences!
All I know is that the neck pickup sounds bassier...
Thanks in advance!
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Neck pickup is usually better for soloing becuz u have that more "cleaner" (if thats the word to use) a cleaner sound for soloing while the Bridge captures more sound overall and make`s everything sound a lot more fat and full...i`m not an expert but this is wat i`ve figured out after playing for about 10 years.
From what I've managed to figure out, the bridge normally has a higher output pick up installed than the neck with has a 'warmer' tone, generally. It depends what pickups you've got installed where and what sounds you want to use for the part you're playing imo.

Maybe ask in the Gear and Accessories forum, they might be able to give you more specific info.
Neck: Warm, soft sound
Bridge: I don't know how to explain that... It's a strong, sharp sound

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