would it make my amp sound that much better. I'm gonna use the same tubes that are currently in it.
It has more to do with plate voltage and having amp biased correctly to begin with. You can buy an amp new and it may actually be biased incorrectly.

Why do you want to do this?
Do you know how to bias an amp?
What amp do you have?

my carvin was biased a little cold when i got itso i put it up to 156 mA and now its perfect
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Biasing an amp correctly will definately make a difference. However it will only really be noticable if the amp was incorrectly biased to begin with. Sometime people simply swap tubes and assume thats it, not bothering to have the bias checked. That being said, if you are unfamiliar wil tube biasing, don't even bother trying to do it yourself. Theres enough juice in most tube amps to kill if you accidently touch the wrong lead, ect. Some amps are self biasing as well. Best to check with the manufacturer for the correct procedure and get it done by a certified tech. And why not swap those tubes if you do, they charge you to bias the old ones anyway.
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