any suggestions for around the $400 price range? I'm thinking of selling my mexican strat and an old crate head I have and combining that money with some of my own funds to get one. I would be using it mainly for alternative,country,rock (think ryan adams).
Ibanez has kickas hollow bodies and plenty of them are in the 350-500 range.
so whats the deal with semi-hollows? How are they different from a solidbody other than the fact that they are semi-hollow? I hear the same sounds coming out of both my PRS SE solidbody and the Epiphone semi-hollow Sheriton in my room
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+1 to the ibanez suggestions. Otherwise I would try an Epiphone Casino or a Tom Delonge Signature.
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if youre from englang you could go for a vintage guitar...
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You could save up a couple hundred more and get a PRS SE Semi-Hollow. They sound wonderful and they practically play themselves; the necks of those things fits my hands like a glove.
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Otherwise I would try an Epiphone Casino or a Tom Delonge Signature.

Neither of those. The casino is a full hollow body, not a semi. The delonge signature is only worth it if your a blink 182 nut.

Try an epiphone dot and an epiphone sheraton II.
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Funny how subjects always come in pairs on UG.

Ibanez guitars man! They're not all metal. George Benson used them

But seriously, if you can find an AM73 second hand somewhere don't hesitate to get it; it'll be a *steal* and with new hardware it's a world class guitar. And the most beautiful I've ever seen. Hmm

Or you could get the higher end ones, the yellow-ish ones (forgot the name. I'm lazy). They're réally jazz though

edit: to guy above, you can also get Vintage guitars in Holland (the brand, ofc. I hate discussing them )
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yeh casinos are all hollow and to me are just a bit cheap feeling. however sheratons are great and so are the ibanez semis so i'd just say have a look around, probs worth getting a second hand one as well
I'm new to e-guitar and I just won an Ibanez Artcore AF75D TOR, is this falls under semi or full ?
if you can find the money a Epi Sheraton II, a Dot or Dot studio are also really good
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