i live in southeast asia. and over here all we have are tropical rainforests and mangrove swamps.

it seems that the more common kinds of wood used to build stringed instruments are alder, ash, mahogany etc...

i'm really interested to know if there are any kinds of wood that can be found in my area that can be used for stringed instruments?

on a side note: what are the properties of the woods that actually make them "suitable" for stringed instruments other than strength and durability?

there is one common kind of wood that grows here it's called "meranti". just naming it as an example here.. http://www.dpi.qld.gov.au/cps/rde/dpi/hs.xsl/26_5444_ENA_HTML.htm
Do you know any of the exact species of the trees?
Exotic woods are used a lot. Don't know if any of them are over where you ar.e
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yeah there is one kind called "jelutong" (that's a malay word). its scientific name is Dyera Costulata .

the scientific name for meranti is Neobalanocarpus Heimii

another one: Intsia Bijuga

i think im going to give up asking a silly question like "which wood can be used/ which wood cannot".

i'll concentrate on the intelligent question: what are the properties of a good wood for stringed instruments?
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Meranti is a Mahogany substitute, but not as good as Sepele I think.

Only reason I know this (if I know), is that my local timber merchant said he had some Meranti and described it as above.

Don't forget, that while you can just go chop down a tree, it then has to be seasoned for years or kiln dried, so you will really need to go to a timber merchant.
From what I understand, Agathis grows in abundance in southeast asia. It's actually a conifer but it sounds a lot like mahogany.
It gets a bad rap because it is used on guitars that are not very expensive, but in all fairness the wood doesn't sound bad at all.
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As long as its a hard, dry stable wood you cant really go wrong, if you can get it cheaply and the wood doesnt work out you havent lost much.

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