I already have a shure sm57 and im thinking if i mic my amp up with another mic i'll get a fuller sound and more ambience , so UG what do you suggest? I can spend about £100 ($150)

one more question , why do some people recommend condesner mics to record electric guitar? I thought they were for vocals and acoustics
i'd go for a condenser; much better sound quality. and they can be used for recording anything; snails if you want to.
You like it
Condenser mics can work with anything. I occasionally use them for getting a second guitar track just as a room mic. Sounds wicked.
Yeh condenser mics are good as ambient mics, placed a little further from the guitar speaker, to give a more fuller sound.
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Samson C03. Recommending it from personal experience. Superb, especially for the money.

Recorded the entire song on my profile with it, if want to check out the quality.

It's a tad noisy which might bother you. I run almost everything through iZotope RX so it doesn't bother me.
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Is this for recording? If so, then a condenser mic has the potential to be a good investment. You'd need to shop around and make sure that the mic that you're buying can handle the decibels that you are chucking out and you'd need a phantom power source. Experiment with positioning and isolate the mic and cab (a duvet over the whole lot is a cheap solution) to prevent the sound bouncing back.

If you're talking about miking up a cab for live playing, then I'd stick with the SM57.

I mess about with recording at home and do live sound for a band but I'm no expert, so I'd recommend a trawl of recording and music tech sites unless you can find a shop that can give you good advice rather than just sell you what they've got.
its for home recording , and i never really crank up the amp (neighbours and a baby in the house), but from the looks of reviews im probably gonna go with what Willieturnip recommended and get the Samson c03
Yeah, just had a quick look at a review of the Samson and I reckon that would do the job - in fact I'm wishing that, at that price, I'd bought one!!

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They really are very good and I'm not just saying that because I have one. It's far from my only mic but 9 times out of 10 it's what I reach for.
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