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I searchbar'd and nothing came up, surprisingly.

They got given out at our college today, but some got them yesterday.
How'd everyone do?

I got an E in Media, and completely failed Geography.


Also, I saw a girl crying cos she got a C in Politics.
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lulz wut?
The good times are killing me.

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I got an A in being awesome

Failed everything else though
When i got my results i opened them whilst walking down the street on my way home and they nearly blew away in wind! Thought i would share as this would of had funny results.
B in General Studies, C in Chemistry, U in Physics. Heh, I fail.
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you made my day

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bada bing or whatever he's called. EPIC WIN.

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Got an E in Business Studies... wuhey lol.
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Got an A in archaeology last year
Got a B in history last year which was bumped up to a mighty A by my solid 100/105 on my resit
And Cs in chemistry. I hate chemistry.
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I had an A in my Law resit...

What is this that stands before me?

Figure in black that points at me...

A in maths
C/B in chem
U in physics (aka i failed physics)

not bad for my first try
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100.35% in math. With a U for citizenship.

I didn't even think it was possible to get an A/U

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Just wait until you hit a university, and can't get higher than a D with a resit.
I got an A in every resit I did.

All thanks to the wonders of weed.


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E and D in general studies, pretty good considering i quit after 2 weeks

D in drama too.
Philosophy A
Ethics A
European World History A


Biology U

I knew I was going to have to resit the biology paper anyway :P
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Business = A

Sociology (religion) = B
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An E in media. dude... seriously?

I got back some results from my first semester at uni and got 3 firsts and a second. Pretty stoked.

I got an E in A level geography at AS level, So i dropped it and only did 3 A levels lol.

Geography is actually really hard after GCSE level.
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An E in media. dude... seriously?

I just suck at exams. Coursework is where I gain most of my marks.
Right now with my AS level result (A) added to the E I've got 279/390, which is a B.

Resitting should get me well into an A, B at least... if I pass
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I go down on one knee and do that shit cello style

A- A2 Sociology -world sociology
B- As History Nazi germany
D- As Biology Unit 2
A2 Biology Central COncepts - 87/90
A2 Chem Chains, Rings and Spectroscopy - 83/90
AS resit Foundation chemistry - 80/90 (up from 68)
A2 Math Mechanics 2 100/100
A2 Math Core 4 - 63/100

Needed minus 7 marks in C4 not to get an A at A level maths, so my C4 is not important. Everything else high A is going to make the summer much nicer.
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A in everything.

...except psychology coursework, i got an E. Which sucks, since I was on a C before it went to be moderated.
I got my january exam marks back today.
I'm sooooo annoyed.

C 69/100 in C3 maths
B 79/100 in C4 maths
I was 1 mark under the grade boundary for both modules I'll be retaking in june.

C 60/100 D1 maths resit.
I was proud I went up a grade, but I'm still 4 marks away from an overall A for AS Further Maths.
How ****ing annoying.

I need ABB for university, but I really want the A in further maths I'm going to have to resit C3 and C4 in order to get the A for maths though.
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D in mths and D incritical thinking I fail
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U in General Studies.

Huzzah for not having to go to General Studies anymore!
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