It looks exactly like an RG2EX1, which is probably better than what you linked, and not much of a price difference either.
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everything there can compare to that and their less, unless you live in europe, then go with the 'banez
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I would save up some more money for your next guitar. This Ibanez is rather cheap, and it will feel that way. I am not saying spend lots, but if you buy a mid range guitar, rather than this one that is another starting guitar, you won't have to buy another guitar when you feel your ready for an intermediate one!

Whats your spending limit?
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'Best', is terribly subjective. While I am assured Ibby quality is pretty good, are you sure you want a guitar that will feel very strat like? Your link does not give much away on spec but if you go that way, be prepared to replace the pups pretty soon. DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan and Wylde might not look as pretty as the plain black 'I might be an EMG' stock ones, but they'll do a lot for the sound.
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I dno, im thinking of just getting this repaired. I may as well it sounded decent and was ok to play.

It just stopped working my dad took it in and they said its nothing major something to do with wires and they will fix for free, i will get it back tomorrow.

So thanks anyways
maybe ill get a good amp.