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Right so last june some twat smashed into my £1200 Saxo on a roundabout, he was totally at fault, should of been giving way to me but wasnt payin attention and hit my car, which was totally written off. There was a driver behind him who told me he was turning in his seat all the way down the road telling his kids off, so the guy obviously wasnt paying attention.

Now this is where it gets ****ty. My step dad had offered to sort out my insurance for me, i would be a named driver but he would be the policyholder. I would just pay him the insurance money each month can i could drive the car. Thing is he told the insurance company, when he took the policy out, that the car was owned by him, and registered to him, which was a lie because i payed for the car off my own back and was owned by me.

Any to cut a long story short, after about 7 months of trying to sort out the claim (the insurance company told me they would give me £1600) they suddenly turned around and said they had found out the car was mine, not my step dads and wasnt going to pay out a penny. Since then my mum and stepdad had split up, so it was difficult trying to speak to him about it as he didnt want to know, so there was nothing i could do about it.

I had been well and truley shafted, as that money was all my savings and there was nothing i could do.

Anyone who has read this far down, i applaud you! i started saving once i found out i wasnt getting anything back, even though the accident wasnt my fault.

Im about to get a new car, but when i filled out the online forms for insurace it says:


what the hell do i say?! ive tried putting yes and no, with no the insurance is £600 a year, with yes its £1100 a year. Do i risk putting NO and saving myself a hell of a lot of money? after all i didnt acutally make a claim.But then say i do put No,have another accident, they find out ive lied and refuse to pay out?! im fvkced all over again! Thanks guys
Putting no could result in you being done for insurance fraud, as you're lying on your documents.

It's a pretty shity situation though.
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Insurance fraud is pretty serious. I suggest the truth and blaming it all on your stepdad, who you can also frame for insurance fraud.

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My mate bought a classic mini which someone went into after 3 months, spent 5 grand on it and insurance offered him 2.5k for it, he's currently arguing with them still.
Try speaking to your insurer over the phone and explaining the situation, maybe they'll let you off with the lower price as it clearly wasn't your fault and you didn't actually claim.

I feel for ya, dude. Insurance companies are always keen to get money off you, but when it comes to upholding their end of the bargain, if they can find a loophole, they'll use it.

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That sucks, ask the police or something.
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Damn, hope i never have to claim, my insurance for a 125cc bike is £430 a year

Living in N.Ireland is a piss take when it comes to insurance
You "fronted" on your Dad's insurance and got caught. Pay the price, learn your lesson and move on. You've lied once and believe me, the insurance companies DO exchange information so you lie again and you'll get shafted.

My advice is this: If you can't afford to drive, don't....There's no cheap and easy way around it, pay the initial premiums and build up your no claims, that's the simplest way to lower premiums.

You kids have it easy. My car insurance is is over $350 / month.

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2 weeks ago i crashed into the back of a merc and did 4 grand worth of damage to him and wrote off my own car.

I would say yes, becasue you did in fact make a claim, but they refused to pay out(or at least thats probably how they see it). But seriously, just call them and see
Alrite thanks for the replys everyone. I'll ring the insurance companys and explain the situation. Its so frustrating that i didnt know he told them it was his car, He said to me "I'll sort out your insurance for you", next day he tells me that im insured and ok to drive. Few months later this happens!

Also i agree with Quantum Leap, their quick to take your money each month, but as soon as it comes to them forking out they'll find any way out they can.